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What are the benefits of hiring a cleaning service?2024-01-16T23:31:58+00:00

Numerous individuals enlist a cleaning service not just to reclaim their time and alleviate the chore of cleaning, but also to experience a cascade of benefits that positively impact their physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Repeatedly, our clients express the joy of returning to a meticulously cleaned home, attributing feelings of happiness, renewed energy, and enhanced sanity to our services. Remarkably, one client even shared that our cleanings contribute more to her mental health than sessions with her therapist. The undeniable truth is that by minimizing dust and allergens in the air, and thorough surface disinfection, our services actively promote optimal physical health for you and your family. Choose our cleaning service for more than just a tidy space—choose it for a healthier, happier lifestyle.

There are many cleaning companies, why should I choose Home&Planet Cleaning?2024-01-16T23:33:37+00:00

Rely on us with confidence. Our commitment to delivering exceptional quality and our established reputation for reliability, integrity, and professionalism in New England reflect our dedication. Count on us to attentively listen and truly comprehend your needs. We are flexible and accommodating, whether you need to reschedule a cleaning or have a special request. Rest assured, we approach cleaning your home with utmost care and meticulous attention to detail. Our aim is to earn your trust and become a trusted extension of your family. We are devoted to working diligently to secure that trust.

Home and Planet Cleaning has been serving clients since 2004. In the early days, owner Maricela Loring was a one-woman operation known for her cheerful good nature and solid work ethic. Today, she leads a dedicated staff that carries forward her tradition of cheerfulness and hard work. Many of our clients take satisfaction in knowing that Maricela pays her staff a higher wage than competing cleaning companies, and offers better benefits. Maricela believes that providing good service to clients starts with providing a good work environment for employees.

How much does it cost to have my home cleaned?2024-01-16T23:34:05+00:00

The cost depends on a variety of factors, including the size and unique characteristics of your home, the presence of pet hair, the level of clutter, the planned frequency of cleanings, and the cleaning Task List agreed upon when we collaborate to create your Cleaning Plan. Every situation is different, so we prepare an individualized estimate and Cleaning Plan for every client after visiting their home and discussing their cleaning requirements in detail. We also give estimates for commercial cleaning, and for special cleaning projects including Spring Cleaning, Move-in/Move-out Cleaning, Last-minute (Emergency) Cleaning, and Construction Cleanups. We provide free consultations and a no-obligation quote.

Do I need to sign a contract?2024-01-16T23:34:19+00:00

No. You don’t need to sign a contract. Our client relationships are “at will” which means we must earn your trust and your continuing loyalty by ensuring your satisfaction with every visit. If you are not completely satisfied you can leave us at any time.

How should I prepare for a cleaning service?2024-01-16T23:34:37+00:00

To help make us more efficient, we ask that you pick up clothing, toys and general household clutter prior to our visit. We also ask you to remove dirty dishes from countertops. Tidying up beforehand is greatly appreciated and also prevents us from accidentally putting away stray objects in the wrong location.

Do I need to provide any cleaning supplies or equipment?2024-01-16T23:34:53+00:00

No. Our crew comes fully prepared with all the supplies and equipment necessary. However, if requested and provided, we are happy to clean with your preferred products.

Do I need to be home during house cleanings?2024-01-16T23:35:11+00:00

No. Most of our clients are at work or choose to run errands while we clean, and they enjoy returning home to a freshly cleaned house. You don’t need to be present, but you do need to give us access to your property. Most clients entrust us to hold a key, which, for security reasons, is coded, secured at our office, and handled only by cleaning team leaders for scheduled appointments. Some clients give us the code for their garage door, or leave a key for us under the mat, in the mailbox, or in some other pre-arranged location where we can return the key when we depart. We are flexible to accommodate different situations. If you have a security system, please make necessary arrangements to give us access on your scheduled day. Some clients establish a guest code or temporary code in their security system for our cleaning staff.

Do I need to set up a recurring service schedule, or can I simply call you when I need a cleaning?2024-01-16T23:35:26+00:00

Most clients set up a recurring service schedule but we are happy to accommodate stand-alone appointment requests depending on availability. We recommend booking at least three days in advance. Please note that Thursdays and Fridays are our most popular days, and they fill up pretty quickly.

What if something is damaged during a home cleaning?2024-01-16T23:35:43+00:00

Accidents rarely happen, but if they do, we will make things right. We pay the cost of replacement or repair, and we carry insurance for valuable items.

What if I have pets?2024-01-16T23:36:18+00:00

No problem! Our cleaners love pets and work safely around them. If you have an aggressive pet, or a pet that likes to escape into the outdoors, we ask that you secure the pet in an area of your house where we will not be working prior to our arrival.

Am I liable for worker’s compensation, insurance or employment taxes?2024-01-16T23:36:35+00:00

Home and Planet provides an all-inclusive, worry-free cleaning solution. That means we take care of all the details, including workers comp, employment taxes, and personal liability insurance for protection against work-related injury. Some independent cleaning services may not give proper attention to administrative details, which could make homeowners liable. With Home and Planet Cleaning we are fully documented, licensed and insured for your protection and ours.

Should I tip the cleaning team?2024-01-16T23:37:00+00:00

Tips are not expected, but our cleaners are always grateful for your paise and feedback. 100% of tips go to your cleaning team.

What if something was missed during the cleaning or I am not satisfied with some part of the cleaning?2024-01-16T23:37:18+00:00

We stand behind our work with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you’re not completely satisfied, simply contact us within 24 hours to arrange for us to come back and re-clean the areas that did not meet your expectations

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